Top ten tricks to beat the Spanish heat

By | July 2, 2015
spanish fan
1. Flutter a fan: No, it’s not just an outdated stereotype, Spaniards really do use fans to stave off the summer heat. So do as the “abuelas”(grandmother in spanish) do and make sure to carry a fan, or abanico, with you whenever you’re in the city.
misting fan terrace
2. Go to a terrace with a misting fan: Otherwise known as the best invention ever, these water vapour sprays attached to industrial size fans ensure the air is kept moist and cool even during the hottest hours of the day.
3. Take public transport: Buses and metros are among the coolest places to be when the mercury rises, so much so you might find yourself staying on long past your stop to enjoy the cool temperatures.
4. Go to “chiringuito”: Enjoying a few drinks in the shade of the traditional spanish beach bar, where, you might just find a little bit of cool.


5. Find a fountain: While we do not necessarily condone jumping into fountains, you can find some cooling spray from one of these monuments that are often dotted all over Costa del Sol towns and cities.
Survive spanish heat. tip-6
6. Slather on the suncream whenever you are in the city: It might seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people forget to protect their skin from the sun when they are in a city rather than on the beach. Walking around sporting a red hot burn will just make you even hotter, so make sure you slap on the suncream and save yourself a lot of aftersun and discomfort.
Survive spanish heat
7. Go swimming: If you are not lucky enough to have a private pool don’t worry as beach club, hotel, and municipal pools can be found all across Costa del Sol towns and cities during the summer months.
museo marbella
8. Mooch around a museum: Keep your cool and get your culture fix at the same time by heading to a museum, where you can wander aimlessly for hours enjoying the air-conditioning!
9. Go to the cinema: Catch a summer blockbuster at Marbella or Puerto Banus cinema, where you can avoid the baking heat to take refuge within a dark, cool, air-conditioned theatre.
10. Relax in a leafy shade of Alameda park: Get away from the hot hustle and bustle of the city and take refuge in the leafy shade of the  Alameda, in Marbella.

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