Swedish councillor for Fuengirola socialists to secure foreign votes

By | February 23, 2011

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FUENGIROLA – A SWEDISH councillor, Johanna Forsell, is to take the second place in the Fuengirola Socialist party bid at the next elections. The PSOE socialist party hopes the move will help secure foreign votes in the town. This was revealed after the socialist party in Fuengirola approved their electoral list for the local elections on May 22.

The list was approved with 81 per cent of the votes. Forsell currently runs the local resident’s forum.

The candidate for mayor is Javier Garcia Leon, and amongst other names on the list are two former socialist mayors of Fuengirola, Sancho Adam and Manuel Delgado.

Garcia Leon explained that the Tourism Council is one of the most important in the town and believes that Forsell would be the ideal person to take it to its full potential.

The third in line is Carmen Segura, followed by Antonio Castillo and Samuel Garcia Tamajon, the current Secretaty for Organization, as fourth and fifth.

In the eighth position is Leonor Basallota, who is blind and is on the amongst the provincial and regional directors of the National Organization for the Blind in Spain (ONCE).

The current Partido Popular Mayor, Esperanza Oña, has been in office since 1995.

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