Spain Europe’s best retirement destination!

By | December 4, 2014

Spain Europe’s best retirement destination A report by retirement experts International Living has ranked Spain as the top destination in Europe in which to retire.

The Annual Global Retirement Index ranks nations every year on their suitability for retirees, compiling ratings on the cost of living, infrastructure, healthcare, ease of integration, real estate, climate and other special benefits.

In this year’s study, Spain ranked fifth overall globally, with only Costa Rica, Malaysia, Ecuador and Panama scoring higher. When you factor in that the International Living magazine is focused on a US audience, many of those countries geographically closer to the States scored a little higher than farther flung destinations.

With that in mind, Spain’s performance in the report is even more impressive, with International Living heaping particular praise on Spain’s mixture of beaches, mountains, vibrant cities, rich history, golf and excellent climate.

Spain scored 91 out of 100 for its property market, too, with the report particularly impressed with the range of properties available for sale that are both high in quality and pleasantly affordable.

The country also achieved top marks in entertainment and amenities (scoring 96 out of 100), retirement infrastructure (93 out of 100) and healthcare (91 out of 100). For British retirees, the free healthcare benefits, supportive pension agreement and ease of access back to the UK are additional plus points.

The report also commended Spain’s laidback lifestyle as being in tune with the kind of living that most retirees want: the leisurely lunches, the siestas, the delicious not to mention healthy food, the wine and the slower pace of life.

While slightly more expensive in every day terms when compared to countries such as Costa Rica and Panama, Spain is among the most affordable locations in Europe, the report noted.

Within Spain, the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga were recommended, but the report reserved particular praise for the Costa del Sol, remarking that the presence of “thousands of English speaking expats” in the region made it extremely easy for retirees to assimilate to life there.

Although Spain is the perennial favourite for retirees from Britain and Ireland, Europe’s younger generation would now rather move to Germany, according to the 2014 International Migration Outlook survey by the OECD.

This report found that migration flow to Spain has declined “rather markedly”, placing Spain seventh overall in the OECD countries to which immigrants head. Between 2002 and 2007, the country was the second most popular destination for immigrants.

However, a large majority of immigrants in the OECD study tend to be economic migrants from poorer parts of the world such as Romania, Bulgaria and Morocco. Since Spain’s economy has been suppressed in the past few years, the economic opportunities within the country are no longer so attractive, the report found, prompting many would be immigrants to head elsewhere.

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