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By | April 22, 2011

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A dentist based in Marbella has pioneered a fantastic way to cure snooring, it´s a device that may help snoring.
Dr. Paul Arts who moved to Mijas from Holland 20 years ago has started treating people who snore with the so called mandibular repositioning appliance or MPA.
It is a piece you put into your mouth at night, it fits closely to the teeth moving the jaw forward and opens the air passageways.

Dr Arts said “Of course it doesn´t suit everyone but it is effective in many cases.”

30 years ago a mouth piece was available. but doctors more commonly recommended pressurized air masks or surgery to stop people from snooring.
Dr Arts says ” I think such drastic measures are unnecessary.”

Arts who runs the Clinical Dental Paul Arts “The MRA much more comfortable and if it works then it is good news all round.”

After hearing many many stories about snoring about partners being kept awake at night etc……. Dr Arts decided to look into the problem. “Anyone attending the clinic is first given a sleep test device to take home to determine whether the MRA will be effective. Inevitably some people will require surgery , but this is a great first step.There´s no doubt that in a couple of years everyone will be offering the MRA to patients.”

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