New stretch of prom brings Marbella closer to San Pedro

By | April 26, 2011

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An extra 1.5 kilometres of promenade now links the Taberna del Alabardero area with the mouth of the River Guadaiza.

Residents and tourists, cyclists and walkers, made the most of the fine weather last weekend to test out the new stretch of seafront promenade opened at the end of last week in Marbella. The latest addition to the prom that now stretches for 17 kilometres around the municipality’s coastline goes one step further to joining San Pedro Alcántara and Marbella; the link is not quite complete, there are still a couple of expropriations pending, but residents are pleased to be able to stroll between the two towns without having to either use the road or trudge through the sand.
The section of promenade opened by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Thursday last week stretches from the Taberna del Alabardero area to the mouth of the River Guadaiza in San Pedro. The project has cost a million euros funded by the Town Hall and the Junta de Andalucía as part of the Plan Qualifica tourism excellence scheme.
What was previously a dirt track where cars parked on the sand is now promenade with benches, trees and lampposts similar to those in the central stretch of the Marbella ‘Paseo’. “Its previous condition did not fit in the with image we want for San Pedro”, said Muñoz who explained that the project had involved negotiations with a number of property owners who gave up part of their private gardens or agreed to move walls to provide space for the promenade, thus avoiding a lengthy expropriation process.
One example is the agreement made with the property owners in Los Pinos. In order to create a footpath along the river banks the development wall was knocked down and a car park built in exchange for several square metres of land.
The Mayor pointed out that now the municipality has 17 kilometres of almost uninterrupted promenade between San Pedro Alcántara and La Bajadilla. There are still a few loose ends, however. Work in the Malibú area has only just resumed after a conflict with the community of property owners. There are also two properties that will have to be expropriated after agreements have not been reached with the owners; one of these is at the mouth of the Guadaiza and the other in El Ancón.
Longer term plans, however are to complete the Marbella promenade to both extremes of the municipality, resulting in a total length of 27 kilometres. The stretch between San Pedro and Guadalmina is still at the administrative stage, while the work to link La Bajadilla with Las Chapas will start with the construction of footbridges over the two rivers.
Costa faces another season with poor quality sand on the beaches
On Wednesday the Coasts Department, part of the central Government started work to build up and clean the Costa del Sol’s beaches ready for the Easter holidays. Works began in Rincón de la Victoria and Mijas where the beaches are being levelled with bulldozers.
Returning the beaches to tip-top condition after the damage caused by the winter storms and rough seas will not be so simple in other areas. New sand will have to be brought in for a number of beaches that have suffered serious erosion. In the two weeks that remain before the start of Holy Week work will take place on a number of areas classed as priority, including beaches in Torrox, Marbella, Benalmádena and Casares, while work in other places will wait until after Easter.
However local town halls and representatives of the tourism industry have complained that once again this year the authority will resort to using earth taken from river beds rather than sand from the seabed. While the Coasts authority maintains that it is simply accelerating a natural process the industry is concerned about the quality of the beaches.
Once again the Costa del Sol has reiterated calls for breakwaters to be built to prevent the erosion in the first place.

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