Moving to Spain? What you need to know.

By | April 27, 2011

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Spain continues to be an incredibly popular destination with relocating Brits. It has the sun, the sea, the sand and the sangria, not to mention the fact that it is populated with plenty of other expats, is an exceptionally easy nation to adjust to, it boasts a good quality of life and is within easy reach of family and friends back in the UK. In fact, it’s almost hard to understand why anyone would think about moving abroad to live anywhere other than Spain!

So, if you’re thinking about moving to Spain, or you know someone who is – there’s a new must-read book on the shelves this winter called ‘Sol Searching.’ It’s being billed as ‘a fun-filled tale of a modern girl’s move to the Costa del Sol’ and is by newly published author Keidi Keating. The book is as much a really realistic introduction to moving to Spain as it is an hysterical Bridget Jones style tale about the adventures of one expatriate as she endeavours to make Spain her new home from home.

You will laugh out loud, be moved to real engagement with the author, discover a lot about what it takes to make a new life in a new country, and be thoroughly entertained on multiple levels with this excellent book. What started out as Keidi’s personal diary has now become a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in moving to live abroad – particularly in Spain…read on for our review.

Moving abroad is an incredibly exciting adventure, but as you will discover if you embark on the journey, it’s not without its downs as well as ups! There is so much to learn and experience, so many complications and the odd misunderstanding along the way that you may find you have days when you laugh and cry in equal measure as you revel in your new life, but struggle with the red tape and the relocation! And perhaps the very best thing about Keidi’s book ‘Sol Searching’ is that you will identify with so many of the tales within!

You’ll realise that you’re not alone in struggling to adjust, finding and making a home, establishing friendships, (and relationship boundaries!) – because Keidi so honestly and openly discusses how she coped with all of these issues and many more in her brilliant new book. Keidi is also a natural talent when it comes to story telling – her book is so easy to read, it flows beautifully, draws you in and has you so engaged you will not be able to put it down. The fact that the characters she ‘creates’ are actually real, that the stories she tells are the truth and the journey she describes is her own real-life adventure just makes her first book even better!

We really don’t want to give too much away with this review as to do so would be to spoil the story – however, suffice to say, ‘Sol Searching’ is about Keidi’s personal journey from when she arrived in Spain back in 2004 with her parents, to today when she has established a life for herself. Keidi’s journey covers her starting her own business finding her own home, making friends and establishing good solid relationships and it is fun, honest, well-written, entertaining and really revealing! We suggest you might like to take a closer look, learn a little more, peruse ‘Sol Searching’ on Amazon and maybe even make a purchase of this book for yourself or as a gift for a would-be expat!

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