Marbella Town Council approves the 2015 municipal budgets

By | January 2, 2015

Marbella Town Council approves the 2015 municipal budgets NEWSLETTER 1st JANUARY 2015

The Plenary Session definitively approves the 2015 municipal budgets which are committed to recovery, employment and social policies.

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Town Council of Marbella, held on 16th of December, has definitively approved the 2015 municipal budgets, committed to recovery, employment and social policies.

The budgets amount to 250.072.863 euros, with a 16% increase on last year and, as explained by Local Government spokesperson, Félix Romero, “it is as a result of a complex process that has produced solvent and balanced accounts”.

Romero indicated that the income section “is governed by serious and realistic criteria” and he highlighted the “commitment of the Governing Team to its citizens”, reiterating in this regard that next year “they will benefit from a series of fiscal

To this effect, there will be a 10% cut in the Property Tax (IBI), rates for an opening licence for any establishment will be abolished, together with rates of minor building licences of up to 6.000 euros, amongst other rates such as the one pertaining to fire extinction and prevention services.

The Plenary Session also approved issues of a town planning nature, as well as unanimously approving a proposal presented by the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, in relation to the assignation of Street names.

The Mayor addresses cooperation initiatives with the Ambassador of The Philippines in an official reception at the Town Council

The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, discussed cooperation initiatives with the Ambassador of the Philippines in Spain, Carlos Salinas, as part of an official reception that took place at the Town Council.

The Mayor underlined that the Philippine community in Marbella “is very important and is very integrated” and that it currently stands at around 1.500 citizens. To this effect, she emphasized the importance of carrying out “mutual collaboration” campaigns on town census registration or to ensure “greater awareness of the municipal environment.”

Likewise, she offered the Ambassador “full municipal support and collaboration” and noted the progress achieved with the forthcoming opening of a consulate in Malaga and a consular office in Marbella, where the Philippine community will be able to attend to their documentation requirements without needing to travel any further afield.

For his part, Salinas underscored “the deep bonds that unite Spain and the Philippines” and explained that “we want to launch initiatives in Marbella for greater cooperation between Marbella and the Philippines”.

The Town Council provides 32 venues for street artists in 2015

The Town Council of Marbella will provide 32 locations next year for street artists in the town, six more than currently and ten more than in 2013, taking advantage of the new San Pedro Boulevard.

The deadline for presenting applications opened on 26th of December as part of the so-called Special Plan for Utilising the Public Thoroughfare for Artistic Activities, now in its third edition.

The artists, who have previously passed through a selection process, will be able to request the venue they are most interested in from amongst the more than thirty locations proposed by the Department of Public Thoroughfares.

These venues are distributed throughout the most sought after locations by the participants, complying with the conditions necessary for hosting this type of activity, without causing any disturbance due to noise, and revitalising trade.

The locations are dotted around the Old Quarter, the seafront promenade, San Pedro Alcántara, Puerto Banús and, as new this year, more venues will be included on San Pedro Boulevard.

It is hoped that these activities will be yet another attraction for the shopping centres in Marbella and San Pedro, contributing to trade in small and medium-sized businesses.

The artists will have their own accreditation and must also pay the corresponding municipal rates. Local police will monitor the situation to prevent unwarranted intrusion, above all during the summer season.

Applications must be presented at the Town Council’s Register.

Courtesy: Ayuntamiento de Marbella, Delegacion de Turismo.

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