Marbella council takes on cost of residential roadworks

By | November 19, 2014

Marbella council takes on cost of residential roadworks Marbella council is to take on the cost of road maintenance in 2015 in areas where until now the residents have been responsible for paying.

Road maintenance in almost 300 residential zones of Marbella is to cost the town hall more than four million euros in 2015. The council agreed to undertake the works in the new areas after years of demands from local residents.

From next January Marbella council is to take on the maintenance of 78 areas (with an average of four estates in each one), with the changes taking place in stages over a three-year period.

In 2015 many of the municipality’s public highways are to undergo major refurbishment.

Javier García, head of works at the town hall, said, “There are many roads included in these areas that are in a terrible state and until now we have been unable to do anything about it. We will start repair works at the end of January.”

It is estimated that these road works will take six months and are to take place in residential areas of San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía, the Golden Mile, Las Chapas and the northern part of Marbella
The lack of maintenance is cited as being due to the chaos of the Gil era and also to a lack of public funds.

Residents responsible

Until now it has been the residents in these areas who have had to pay for roadworks as well as assume the costs of electricity, cleaning and the maintenance of green zones.

In 2015 residents of the stated areas will no longer have to pay for roadworks nor will they have to pay for street cleaning. In 2016 they will no longer have to cover the cost of parks and gardens and in 2017 the bill for street lighting is to be taken on by the town hall.

The council has just put the forthcoming roadworks out to tender. Interested businesses have until 3 December to submit their plans and quotes.

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