Malaga shopkeepers have best Christmas since start of the crisis

By | January 15, 2015

Malaga shopkeepers have best Christmas since start of the crisis Businesses say that pre Christmas sales figures have risen by three per cent in comparison to last year and are the best since 2007

Local businesses have finally begun to emerge from the economic crisis that has affected them for the last seven years.

Malaga’s shopkeepers have stressed that they have enjoyed the best Christmas since the crisis hit hard in 2007 with a rise in figures of three per cent in respect to last year.

The president of the Federación del Comercio de Málaga (Fecoma or the business association of Malaga), Enrique Gil, is highly optimistic about the situation.

After announcing at the begining of December that the association was expecting good sales figures, Gil confirms that 52 per cent of his members expect to have ended the year with higher sales than in the previous year.

“We are very optimistic because we have seen what buyers are up to throughout the last few weeks”, says Gil.

These latest sales figures have surpassed those of the previous year, 2013, which rose by two per cent – more than the Andalusian average.
According to Gil, the Christmas period has seen sales “a little higher” than in 2013 although he points out that these sales are for a lower amount. Customarily, in 80 per cent of cases according to surveys, each person spends between 25 and 30 euros.

A figure which has attracted the attention of the president of Fecoma is the increase in sales of electronic products over Christmas products which have far exceeded those of clothes or toys. Tablets and mobile phones are the most popular Chiristmas presents now.

A busy city centre

Maria José Valenzuela, president of the business association of Malaga’s Centro Histórico, confirms the positive evaluation of Gil.
“We have seen the streets full of people who are keen to shop, more than in other periods of the year”.

Valenzuela believes that the rise in sales is partly due to the general fall in prices with shops trying to get rid of all their stock.
The figures released by businesses are backed up by a statement from the trade association, Anged, which supports large commercial enterprises such as El Corte Inglés, Alcampo and Carrefour.

“The tendency marked by sales in the last few months points to a good Christmas season with a rise in figures in December of one per cent year on year and a significant growth in staff of 38,000 people which makes this the best Christmas period for seven years”, reveals a statement from the organisation.

The sales have begun

This year’s sales began days before the Kings’ parade, which is when they have traditionally started, and include discounts of up to 75 per cent.

Enrique Gil is also optimistic about the January sales.

“Last year’s January 5th marked good sales figures but afterwards these fell. We are hoping that this will not happen this year”, he says.
It is expected that buyers will spend 95 euros on average – and mostly on clothes and shoes, which adds up to a sum of 27 million euros in Malaga province. This supposes a rise of five per cent on sales figures from the same time last year.

The sales period runs until March 7th in the majority of cases.

Shopkeepers are likely to try and get rid of last year’s winter stock which sold badly due to the unseasonably warm autumn and winter of 2014.

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