Malaga Airport opens its second runway

By | August 19, 2014

malaga-airport The high demand for flights has forced the opening of the second runway at Malaga Airport.

Due to the rise in demand, it will be in use every Sunday and Monday in August (2014). Although this is not the first time the second runway has been used.

It is the first time that it will be open so frequently, as this year, there are more flights than in 2013. Just this Monday there were 365 flights, which means 365 landings and 365 take-offs.

Sources within in the airport have commented that the opening of the second runway brings with it all sorts of other logistical problems. These include bringing in extra air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, technical staff and other essential personnel needed to deal with the extra volume of passengers.

With the second runway open, Malaga airport can handle 72 flights every hour. With just one it can handle 37. The greater capacity increases its offer and allows around 9,500 passengers to arrive every hour.

Courtesy: Euro Weekly

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