La Nava – an ancient lakebed near Cabra

By | March 9, 2011

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THE province of Córdoba is full of marvelous landscapes and fun ways to spend time outdoors.
I have blogged before about my love for the Vía Verde and the mountains in Zuheros, and now I would like to draw your attention to La Nava – an ancient lakebed just outside of Cabra.

I hiked with a friend, a Cabra native, and her husband, who used to work at the nature center for La Nava. He told me about the history of the area and pointed out different geographical structures.
For example, did you know that there is a flower that grows wild in La Nava that is found nowhere else in the world? It looks a little like a daffodil but is a species found only in this little part of the planet.
Millennia ago, the mountain range near Cabra was made up of what I inferred to be more of a plateau formation. Currents of rainwater gradually created paths that not only separated it into mountains, but also turned into rivers, ponds and eventually a giant lake. When that dried up, we were left with a grand lakebed full of fossilized shells, a couple of waterfalls and, from a few spots, magnificent views of far-off mountain ranges.
We in Córdoba are extremely lucky to have outdoor destinations like La Nava so close. The trick about this site is getting there (car is your only option) and getting a permit to enter beforehand – but it’s more than worth it.

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