It´s not just fun in the sun in Marbella

By | May 10, 2011

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Expats who have migrated to warmer climes are likely to have better health.

It is not just fun in the sun…….it is good for your health as well.
The British medical establishment insists that living in the sun can help to ward off certain cancers.
While the dangers of sunburn are acknowledged by everyone – Mediterranean countries are far better than their northern counterparts as regards prostate, colon and breast cancer.
This is because vitamin D is thought to slow cell growth and spread around your body.
The good news for expats in Andalucia comes six years after doctors in Australia confessed the dangers of sunlight, and failed to promote it´s benefits.
Professor Bruce Armstrong, of Sydney University said: “It´s a revolution. I have been working in public health and preaching sun avoidance for 25 years. But this statement says there are two sides to the story.”
Harvard Medical School also supported the revelation with their own research showing that lung cancer patients doubled their five year survival rate if operated on in summer.
And now the British medical establishment accepts it has perhaps been punishing anti-exposure guidelines too far. A spokesman for Cancer Research UK said “Little and frequent sun exposure is good.
Interestingly, cases of rickets – a bone disease thought to have died out 80 years ago – appears to be growing among children. It is brought about by a lack of vitamin D. For the best properties directly from the bank with 100% mortgages in place, please contact Geoffrey Donoghue office: 0034 952 814144

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