“I play squash, run, go to the gym and swim; plus I live with a fitness trainer!”

By | February 14, 2011

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Dr. Hilary Jones has been on UK screens for over 20 years, offering approachable medical advice and support from a television studio sofa. Yet it wasn’t always this glamorous.
In 1979 Dr. Hilary worked for a year as the single-handed medical officer on Tristan da Cunha, the most isolated inhabited island in the world. In 1981 he worked as a troubleshooting GP and emergency doctor for the oil industry at Sullom Voe in Shetland for Offshore Medical Support.
He became a Principal in General Practice in the early 1980s and began presenting educational medical TV programmes for British Medical TV in 1986. In 1989 Dr. Hilary joined TV breakfast network TVAM, and he and Lorraine Kelly were the first presenters to be signed up by GMTV when it won the breakfast franchise in 1993.
He has written several books is remains a regular contributor to the press, radio and television.
Dr. Hilary used to have a villa in Elviria, loves the Southern Spain lifestyle and is looking forward to returning to Marbella this weekend for the ‘Living Well Exhibition 2011’ and raising money for charity.
You are passionate about people being medically informed. Do you think the internet is a good source of medical information, empowering people; or a source of fear and misdiagnosis?
A bit of both; it is important to go to the right site because it’s just as easy to be misinformed, and correct advice is vital.
You believe that natural treatments can be used holistically with traditional treatments. Why do you think so many doctors still ignore the benefits of natural and homeopathy approaches to health?
Not all doctors ignore homeopathy approaches, and orthodox doctors tend to go for more potent pharmaceutical treatments which are evidence based.
Tell us about how you keep fit and healthy.
I play squash, run, go to the gym and swim; plus I live with a fitness trainer!
As a TV personality and a doctor, do you find yourself sometimes having to decline programmes or interviews as they may conflict with your credible position as a doctor? If so, which type of programmes?
Yes, reality TV/humiliation shows! I would do most other shows, unless being asked to take my clothes off!
Cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular and Spain is Europe’s number one consumer. What are your views about going under the knife for vanity rather than health?
Provided it is a one off and not a constant desire for perfection which would suggest a physiological problem – then I have no problem with it.
Obesity is a major health issue – the UK is the fattest nation in Europe and Spain is the second fattest – what are your views on how to tackle this issue?
Obesity has to be tackled in childhood so that we do not see adults with a body mass index of 60 requiring heroic surgery.
What’s your greatest health vice?
Not enough sleep, but that comes with the job.
Do you think mental health issues are ignored compared with physical health issues, as the perceived wisdom is that mental health cannot be cured?
The stigma associated with mental health is decreasing but yes I agree it is still misunderstood by the public and under resourced in healthcare.
Tell us about your charity work and the support organisations that you consider important.
I am Patron of ‘Diabetes UK’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Meningitis Research Foundation’, ‘Meet a Mum Association’, ‘Anthony Nolan Trust’, ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Get Ahead’ – a head and neck cancer charity. I assist many other organisations who do a great job in support/helping people with medical issues.
What was it like to share the sofa with Lorraine Kelly?
Lorraine is absolutely lovely and is just as she comes across on the television. We have lots of laughs but tackle serious medical issues.
Dr Hilary Jones appeared at the ‘Living Well Exhibition 2011’ in Marbella last weekend together with Louise Van der Velde, a ‘relationship expert’ from the breakfast television programme GMTV.

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