Hottest in day Spain in 145 years

By | October 29, 2014

Hottest in day Spain in 145 years Valencia sees Spain’s highest October temperature ever at 35.8ºC

PARTS of Spain saw the hottest late-October temperatures in 145 years yesterday (Tuesday) according to the Met office.

The national record was held by Valencia city, where the mercury soared to 35.8ºC, a figure more commonly seen in July than a week before Halloween, when coats and jackets are normally seen for the first time on the streets.

This is the same temperature recorded in the city in the year 1869, and it has never reached that figure since – until yesterday.

According to the State meteorological agency AEMET, the typical temperature for mid-October on Spain’s Mediterranean coast is around 23.5ºC at the hottest part of the day, just after lunch, normally falling to around 10ºC or 12ºC at night and sitting just below 20ºC the rest of the day.

In the city of Castellón, about an hour north of Valencia, thermometers registered highs of 33.4ºC – the warmest October day in 103 years, since 1911 – and, in fact, the hottest day of 2014, beating even the highest temperatures there in July and August.

Once again, Valencia airport – which is actually based in the neighbouring town of Manises – beat its own record for the hottest October day with the mercury soaring to 35.7ºC, having set it last year, too, with a figure of 34.5ºC.

Other towns in the province of Valencia which broke their own October temperature records were Miramar, Llíria, Sagunto, Turís and Bétera at 35.3ºC and Oliva at 35ºC during the warmest part of the day.

Temperatures are set to go down across the country from tomorrow (Thursday) onwards, but in Valencia will remain higher than average until at least the end of the week.

From around October 27 onwards, thermometers will plunge, but AEMET assures this will not result in a cold snap but with figures more in keeping with those seen just before Halloween.

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