Health Care in Spain

By | January 9, 2013

A Look at Spanish Health Care

Unlike 25 years ago, there is no shortage of good hospitals and private clinics along the southern Costas. However, costs for private health insurance vary enormously–though you’re likely to find it far less expensive than at home, which is a big draw for many who are considering a retirement in Spain. Comprehensive policies for people 55 to 60 years old go from $860 annually up to $2,000. A routine visit to a private doctor is normally $35 to $55; home visits are from around $50 to $110, depending on whether it’s day or night. The cost of a bed in a private hospital is in the region of $135 per day. Include doctor fees and you can plan on about $275 per day for the duration of any stay. State health care is considered good and available for free or at reduced costs. However, you must be contributing to Spanish social security or be receiving a state pension from another EU country to benefit.

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