Costa del Sol racecourse opens its gates for showjumping competition

By | November 4, 2014

Costa del Sol racecourse opens its gates for showjumping competi Horses have been back on show in Mijas this week for the first stage of the Autumn Cup

The Costa del Sol Racecourse (Hipódromo), the only facility of its type in Malaga province, finally opened to the public again on Tuesday after a year-long closure.

The course had closed down due to financial difficulties, but competition returned this week for an international showjumping event which forms part of the Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour.

The Autumn Cup concludes on 16 November. But this competition is not the only event planned for the winter season.

Mijas town hall has revealed that there will be another series that lasts until March.

The news means that local authorities have culminated a long series of negotiations with equestrian organisations to allow the use of the site to continue, without additional cost for the local authority.

The head of Recursos Turísticos, (the municipal firm that owns the racecourse), Lourdes Burgos, said: “The intention of the local authority has always been to keep the racecourse open.”

Now the Andalusian company Co-Equisport is in charge of its management. This involves its day-to-day upkeep as well as establishing a calendar of competitions, with the winter plan already complete. The company has to pay a monthly fee of 20,000 euros.

The established contract stipulates that Co-Equisport will run the centre for the next 20 years. Tuesday’s jumping was the beginning of the Autumn Cup in whi h 330 jockeys from 22 countries are competing. During the competition there are three Concours de Saut International (CSI) jumping events with two other two-star (CSI) rounds.

Stages of competition

The events are divided into three categories according to age: five, dix and seven years old. The two-star Concours de Saut International will consist of two levels: Premium Tour (small and large) and Master Tour (small, medium and large).

The first stage concludes on Sunday, the second takes place between 4 and 9 November and the third between 11 and 16.

For Burgos, the fact that Mijas is celebrating an event of this category means that “Equestrian fans from around Europe will again focus on Mijas”.

A series of improvements have taken place this year, but the site has remained open to the public with markets and other events taking place.

Construction projects have been carried out on 65 per cent of the infrastructure and have included the development of new racetracks as well as more stables to increase capacity.

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