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My Thoughts on Community Service

The concept of a Spanish Community being run by a democratically elected committee is an excellent one – in theory! In my experience, (including 4 years of serving as President), some of the most frustrating periods of my life have been spent in involvement with Community affairs. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject:-

The Presidency

The most important office is that of the President, who is the legal representative of the Community. The job requires someone with the patience of a saint and is bilingual, a sound communicator, has good organizational experience, has some knowledge of accounts and with lots of time to invest in the Community affairs. As you can imagine, outside IBM and BP, you will not find many candidates with all these qualifications and if you did they probably would not want the job! A typical response from somebody who has been asked to stand for the position is, “I didn’t retire to Spain to spend my life at Community meetings.”

So, in the real world the Community lands up with a compromise President. For example, someone with lots of time, loves bossing others around, but who would have trouble organizing a booze-up at the San Miguel brewery!

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