British developer in Spain says 2010 was better than 2009

By | February 15, 2011

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A MAJOR British developer in Spain has revealed it saw an increase in sales of 50 per cent in 2010 despite the ongoing recession.
In particular, Taylor Wimpey de Espana announced the official end-of-year figures were boosted by sales in Mallorca.
“Mallorca has seen particularly positive figures due to two important factors,” said Javier Ballester, managing director of the firm.
“Firstly, we were not hugely overstocked as the recession hit so the supply and demand was always in our favour.
“Secondly, Mallorca is still considered a unique place and in many ways superior to some of the mainland destinations.”

Stuart Crawford
JANUARY 18TH, 2011 3:56 PM
A British developer in Spain – now that really is an unbiased opinion is’nt it – it always amazes me that these idiots can’t see how stupid they look.
In the FT last week, the Spanish government admitted that it would be at least 5 years before there would be any positive development in Spain’s housing market.
Prices are holding up in all the major cities and indeed Bilbao has seen some small price increases – all the grief is in those places where foreigners bought and where most of the insane over building took place.
Re Mallorca – it is the Germans who drive this market and guess what – they ai’nt buying.
JANUARY 19TH, 2011 11:47 AM
I agree they may be saying this for their own good press, but sales have gone up drastically. Its a bit catch 22, nobody believes the only people that would know if sales had gone up or not.
And lets face it, you cant allways believe what you hear on tv can you. British tv has been hammering spain since a few years ago. Why put so much effort into making it look that bad.
If spain goes under, so does europe, its too big an economy to be allowed to fail.
Another point, BP got slated by the media to extremis, their shares dove, that would have been an excellent time to buy shares as no te media has left them alone, their shares have rocketed again.
The minute spain stops being the victim of mediatic abuse, is the minute it all starts going up again. So why wait till then? now is the time to buy, and lets face it, if spain takes europe down with it it wont really matter as everything will turn to crap and i cant see that happening, if you watch the news their even trying to make chinas economy look risky at the moment.
The worst thing thats happening at the moment that doesnt get any press is that big companies have all moved to asia or south america so they can make more profit, the problem being that if they are not creating any employment in the countries they sell to, who is left who can afford buy their products at a ridiculous markup?
Lets face it people will allways need somewhere to live, not necessarily a new pair of nike’s.

source: olive press newspaper

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