Airport growth above average

By | February 14, 2011

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In January passenger figures at Malaga Airport increased by eight per cent.

To be precise the increase in passengers using Malaga Airport in January was 8.1 per cent, two percentage points higher than the average for Spanish airports. This was the second greatest increase out of all of Spain´s large airports, behind Barcelona which started 2011 with an increase of 20 per cent.
According to figures for last month released by the airports authority Aena, in January 589,994 passengers used the terminal on 6,329 flights. The figures are a vast improvement on 2010 when passenger figures fell in January.
Also last month the number of passengers on international flights landing at or taking off from Malaga Airport increased by 6.8 per cent. The majority came from or travelled to the UK 187,322 passengers, while 46,257 travelled between Malaga and Germany, and 26,070 between Malaga and France. Meanwhile the number of passengers on domestic flights increased in January by 9.1 per cent, despite competition from the high speed trains to Madrid and Barcelona.
The busiest day of the month was Sunday January 2 when 32,397 passengers passed through the airport, 4,576 of them between 10 and 11 o´clock in the morning.

source: sur in english 17.02.2011

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