Aena to add the final green touches to airport extension

By | November 30, 2011

As many as 78 companies are bidding for the contract to landscape the new open spaces at Malaga airport.

After spending 340 million euros on a new terminal building, 150 million on the car park and 500 million on the second runway, the Spanish airports authority Aena still has a little tucked away, 7.9 million euros to be precise, to add some greenery to the great expanse of concrete. In fact some of the main construction firms in the country are among the bidders for the contract for the “environmental integration” of the land obtained for the construction of the new terminal and second runway.

At present the Ministry of Development has 38 projects on its desk, the majority proposed by temporary groups formed by a total of 78 companies.

The successful bidder will have the job of landscaping the land that runs alongside the new runway and its access strips, outside the security area. Gardens are also planned for the area adjoining the north access road, as well as in the open spaces left around the buildings and roads both in the old and new area of the airport. The project will also include modifications to the existing landscaped areas to make them blend in with the rest of the gardens. Water saving features such as an integrated irrigation system are also envisaged.

The second runway is due to come into service at the beginning of 2012 although no date has been set for the opening.

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By: Francisco Jimenez

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