Tourists from Gulf love staying in Marbella

In hotels in Marbella, they use an almost foolproof method to ascertain where visitors from the Gulf stand in the strict social hierarchy of their own countries.
“Some clients use the title prince or princess and they book one or two rooms; others only give their name, but they arrive with an entourage and fill eight or ten rooms or even an entire floor of the hotel, so they are the important ones,” says an employee at one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, for whom the Arab market is making this the best August for years.
Every client, with or without entourage, is given exactly what they want. And they usually ask for a great deal.

Promising forecast for Spain as economic recovery defies politics

DESPITE political uncertainty, the lingering financial fallout from Brexit and recently being let off the hook by an angry Brussels over its growing budget deficit, the acting Spanish government released an optimistic economic forecast on Friday July 29.

Outlining its predictions for the next fiscal year, the government actually revised the growth forecast upwards from 2.7 per cent to 2.9 per cent, although the 2017 growth estimate was reduced to 2.3 per cent from 2.4 per cent previously.