Spain has second highest life expectancy in the world

WITH more than 15,000 people aged over 100, Spain officially has the second best life expectancy on the planet.

The latest data from the OECD, which dates back to 2014, shows that the average person born in Spain today can expect to live to the ripe old age of 83.3. That places residents just behind people in Japan, who live slightly longer at 83.7.

It is the Spanish women who help bring up the national average. Females have a life expectancy of 86.2, while men fall quite a bit behind at 80.4, lower than their counterparts in Japan, Iceland, Italy and Switzerland.

Safe to buy property in Spain

For property hunters considering owning their dream holiday home in the sun, there are still so many reasons to look now.

Despite Brexit’s impact – which has been minimal – the sun is still shining on the Costa del Sol.

Here are seven great reasons to get actively hunting for properties in SPAIN!

Spain set to smash tourist numbers record

Spain received 52.5 million tourists during the first eight months of the year, according to a report published by the National Statistics Institute. This translates into a 10.1 per cent increase when compared to figures for the same period last year.

Spain breaks tourism record….again!

WTTC’s head, David Scowsill, says that Spain is expected having seen a 20 to 30% increase in the number of holidaymakers visiting the country this summer, with Portugal and Italy other beneficiaries of the rather tense current climate.

Costa del Sol officially Spain’s sunniest region

A comprehensive report released by the agency considers data from 1981-2010 and found that Malaga, the gateway to the Costa del Sol, clocks up a pleasingly round average of 3,000 hours of sun a year, the most in all of Spain.

Tourists from Gulf love staying in Marbella

In hotels in Marbella, they use an almost foolproof method to ascertain where visitors from the Gulf stand in the strict social hierarchy of their own countries.
“Some clients use the title prince or princess and they book one or two rooms; others only give their name, but they arrive with an entourage and fill eight or ten rooms or even an entire floor of the hotel, so they are the important ones,” says an employee at one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, for whom the Arab market is making this the best August for years.
Every client, with or without entourage, is given exactly what they want. And they usually ask for a great deal.